Our office is in Villa Madalena, but we deliver to any where in the island.

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Mountain island

"Here is the highest point in Portugal with 2351me, one of the most beautiful landscapes that the Azores have to offer. Its volcanic vineyards were classified by UNESCO as World Heritage. This island was also the center for the whaling industry in the archipelago. You can expect doing in Pico whale watching, mountaineering, geotourism, diving and hiking."

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The Azorean Triangle

Pico, Faial and São Jorge islands

Because of its location and the daily seafaring, the 3 islands, Pico, São Jorge and Faial form the "triangle" of the central group. With unique specificities in the landscape, none of these islands are similar but somewhat complement each other, the Pico Mountain, the cliffs and coves of São Jorge or the sand volcano in Faial. Make the best of its closeness, cross the sea and learn the real concept of archipelago.


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Rent-a-car Azores Travel is a new company that stands out through the quality of its differentiated services, whether you are visiting us on business or simply seeking to discover our touristic potential.


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